I have created relationship courses in conjunction with Relationship Resolutions just for you, providing you with the initial tools to help you work through your relationship situation.

Do you want to save your relationship, you know something is wrong however are unsure how to fix it with being time poor and money poor?

I suggest if the above is the case, purchase the relationship course that works for you, you can buy it as on-line or a hard copy, work through the course and write down any questions you may have?


Are you ready to help break the cycle of domestic violence?

For every book and course you purchase for a woman living in domestic violence, Mel will donate 20% on a rotating monthly basis to help the organisations working with domestic violence suffers, commencing with
White Ribbon.

Easy to start, and simple to read!


Your Relationship

Escaping Domestic Violence

Action Plan


Budgeting to get

Cleaning up your

Legal Toolbox for Separation/Divorce

Dating in Today’s

Living in a Happy Step Family


Parenting or Co-parenting the Children

Additional Courses

More Courses Coming Soon

The courses are a great tool to help you start working on your relationship issues, saving you lots of therapy time and money.

Should you require further assistance from a Relationship Therapist, Family Counsellor or Domestic Violence Counsellor, I suggest you take your completed course with you to your first session, this will help your therapist/counsellor know exactly what is wrong and providing them with the opportunity to help you faster.

The courses have been created to help you, start the process of working through your issues in the safety of your own home, at your own pace. The courses are easy to follow and affordable.

Buy my latest book now

Have you read my book “Surviving the Devil, Escaping Domestic Violence, A True Story”, it provides you with an insight into when I acknowledged I was living in domestic violence and my journey to escape!  It further provides 6 different peoples domestic violence journeys and where they are now.  Also basic tools to help you get organised to leave.

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