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Finally, an honest and progressive book that will inevitably revolutionize how readers view domestic violence; a topic that is still perceived today as “taboo” despite the large number of lives that are grossly affected on a daily basis.

Mel’s life story is raw, powerful and inspiring. But what makes this book extra special is the fact that Mel provides more than a story; she provides practical advice and her course provides tools to those who are affected by domestic violence, even if they do not realise it.

Mel, I cannot commend you enough for being brave in sharing your life story with others in hopes of creating more awareness and breaking the vicious cycle of domestic violence. You are not only a survivor, but a positive role model to everyone in our community.

Michelle Browning

Mel’s story inspires the courage to get the bloody hell out of there, points to the support available, and though you can’t see it now, brings forward the absolute respect and gratitude your kids will have for you when you save them.

Don’t think as children we don’t feel your pain – when you tuck us in to bed at night, read us a story and say our prayers, and ask us if we are alright. We will always say “Yes”. Understand we don’t want to add to your ‘big night’ we know you have ahead of you. But we are lying.

Fear: your babies know it; your children know it. Anxiety; bedwetting; shyness; lack of self-worth; inability to focus at school; shame; deep seething anger and sadly, blame of the parent who, in a child eyes, ‘allows’ this cycle of abuse to continue and in most cases escalate. But although we hide this from you, we see, and we know.

Your children are scared, and their wounds keep weeping. You must find a way to save us. You are the grown-up.

But how, oh how to get out? Mel’s course provides you with the tools; action plans and support available to leave and give your children hope that this is not a normal existence.

Ms Jackie Boyle
High school teacher and child survivor of Domestic Violence

Mel gives us a frightening insight into the dark and violent world of domestic violence. It is a harrowing story of how a confident, positive and caring young woman is systematically subjected to fear, manipulation and control at the hands of this ‘devil’. One can’t help but admire her determination to survive the physical, mental and emotional abuse she was subjected to. Somehow, she manages to find the strength and courage to survive the abuse and come out the other side determined not to allow herself to become a victim.

Hopefully by her willingness to share her experience, it will empower more people living with domestic violence to take the necessary steps to get the help and support they need. Also, as more people read and acknowledge domestic violence stories such as Mel’s, society will take the necessary steps to address this dark and sinister problem. We owe it to those most vulnerable amongst us.

Mr Gary Regazzoli
Pastor (retired)

Are you ready to help break the cycle of domestic violence?

For every book and course you purchase for a woman living in domestic violence, Mel will donate 20% on a rotating monthly basis to help the organisations working with domestic violence suffers, commencing with White Ribbon.

Mel’s story of domestic violence demonstrates how an intentional web of entrapment is woven, strand by strand, to isolate and debilitate the weaver’s prey. Even the most intelligent and capable of prey can find herself drawn into unfamiliar and even unreflective spaces by subtle overtones of an ever escalating, spiral of domestic abuse. Mel’s story and the stories of her contributors, demonstrates the normalizing of domestic abuse that can happen within family groups and within society. These stories, underscore the secretiveness, the hiddenness and the deception that hold people powerless within a context of entitlement and domination.

Mel’s story is inspirational. It reveals the transformational power of a person’s intelligence to out-strategize her oppressor and to courageously reclaim her personhood.

Her enduring belief in the compassion of others to hold her vulnerability is a testament to her passion for life and her commitment to be an advocate for the holistic health of women and girls as they explore their life choices.

Further, Mel’s story is redemptive. It reveals the regenerative power of a mother’s love for her daughter by visioning a future beyond the threat of physical harm and emotional disturbance. She envisions a future full of possibility and potential for a creative and joy-filled existence for herself and her daughter. A future where the wisdom of the past meets the excitement of the future.

Finally, Mel’s story is a GIFT. It has the power to breathe new life into an arid environment. It provides the reader with new eyes of care and concern for those who are struggling with the insidious reality of domestic abuse. Her story has the power to generate the waters of healing, flowing through and cleansing the wounds that hold the struggle. May this gift stimulate hope for many and bring the changes necessary for equity and integrity within the web of life’s relationships.

Dr Mary Murphy

If I was to recommend only one book for a domestic violence victim or worker to read in their time of need or career, it would be this one. Mel has provided such a clear and, at times, terrifying account that I felt like I was living in and also trying to escape her life. I went through the ups and downs with her and ended feeling like the amazing woman she is! Her story is such an inspiration, and an absolute credit to her, for being a survivor and raising two beautiful daughters as well as now sharing her story to help others survive and lead their own positive life. Thank you!

Ms Candice Dover
CEO, Candice Care Inc.

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