Chapter II

Will I Survive?


Holy shit, holy shit, I think as I wake in a daze, scared. “Mummy, mummy!” a little voice next to me says. “What is that noise?”

Shit, I was hoping she wouldn’t wake up. It’s three in the morning and the Devil (let’s just call my abuser the Devil so we don’t get confused) is back.

My daughter sleeps with me now, in a home I rented approximately one hour away from my parents’ home. She sleeps with me because the Devil’s mother, on numerous occasions, I don’t know how many times, would drive to our residence in the middle of the night, park down the street, and then enter our back yard through the side gate.

A chair from the outdoor setting I had purchased for barbeques would be moved to just outside my daughter’s bedroom window. The Devil’s mother would then stand on the chair and speak with my daughter until she woke up, trying to entice her to open her bedroom window.


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Finally, an honest and progressive book that will inevitably revolutionize how readers view domestic violence; a topic that is still perceived today as “taboo” despite the large number of lives that are grossly affected on a daily basis.


Mel gives us a frightening insight into the dark and violent world of domestic violence… how a confident, positive and caring young woman is systematically subjected to fear, manipulation and control at the hands of this ‘devil’.

Mr Gary Regazzoli
Pastor (retired)

If I was to recommend only one book for a domestic violence victim or worker to read in their time of need or career… Mel has provided such a clear and, at times, terrifying account that I felt like I was living in and also trying to escape her life.

Ms Candice Dover
CEO, Candice Care Inc.

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For every book and course you purchase for a woman living in domestic violence, Mel will donate 20% on a rotating monthly basis to help the organisations working with domestic violence suffers, commencing with
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Welcome to Melanie Survivor

I am so happy to see you on my site because I know how hard it is to take that first step to look for that right person who will help you with your relationship situation.

I hope I can be that person for you and your family, not only do I possess formal qualifications, I am also very empathic with my client’s situations as l have walked many different relationship journeys in my own life. My clients advise they find it comforting and empowering how I can relate to their issues.


How I work with you and your family?

I empower client’s through their relationship issues by providing them with the initial tools. I understand you want to fix what is broken and may not know where to start.

Over the years I have listened to my clients who advised they are time poor or are experiencing financial issues. I have been asked on numerous occasions is there any true story books relative to their situations or courses or tools online they can use that are reasonably priced that may give them a jump start.

I therefore wrote my first book “Surviving Domestic Violence, Escaping the Devil” a True Story watch this space for future true story relationship books and I am in the process of creating relative on-line course for you to work through at your own pace and in your own time.


Online Courses

Domestic Violence – Your Relationship

Escaping Domestic Violence – Action Plan

Women First

Budgeting to get ahead

Cleaning up your Backyard

Legal Toolbox for Separation/Divorce

Dating in Today’s world

Living in a Happy Step Family

Pre-Marriage Counselling

Parenting or Co-parenting the Children


20% to Charity With Every Purchase

I am passionate about breaking the cycle and eradicate domestic violence.
Melanie Survivor has committed to donating 20% of earnings to organisations working with domestic violence victims.
Thank you for your anticipated wonderful assistance in helping break the cycle.


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About Melanie Survivor

Mel understands it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you must love yourself, build your self-worth, self-confidence and self-respect, clean up your emotional backyard and learn what your relationship requirements are, before you will find and live in an amazing healthy relationship.

Her passion and empathy to help others has led to her creating products and services to help you traverse through your relationship issues, by providing you with tools to lead a loving, honest, relationship. These are the same tools and questions she knows would have made her journey a lot easier.

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