You can survive domestic violence and break its cycle.

First, though, you need to acknowledge you are living with a Devil.

“Self-doubt, fear of failure, lack of self-worth, the need to make the relationship work for your children.”
All these can keep you living with your Devil

When you are living in domestic violence you can feel like you’re alone, no one will understand you. Those feelings are all part of the process, a way your abuser makes you feel you cannot live without them. Everyone living in domestic violence experiences some or all of these emotions.


It is more common than we would like to acknowledge.

It can happen anywhere, to anyone. It never discriminates. You can be rich or poor, a high or low achiever, big or little, religious or atheist, straight or gay. It could be happening next door right now, and for some it can be a silent killer!

No one who has survived wants to talk about their experience; it is painful and embarrassing just thinking about it. Others simply never want to return to that dark place.

Chapter II

Will I Survive?


Holy shit, holy shit, I think as I wake in a daze, scared. “Mummy, mummy!” a little voice next to me says. “What is that noise?”

Shit, I was hoping she wouldn’t wake up. It’s three in the morning and the Devil (let’s just call my abuser the Devil so we don’t get confused) is back.

My daughter sleeps with me now, in a home I rented approximately one hour away from my parents’ home. She sleeps with me because the Devil’s mother, on numerous occasions, I don’t know how many times, would drive to our residence in the middle of the night, park down the street, and then enter our back yard through the side gate.

A chair from the outdoor setting I had purchased for barbeques would be moved to just outside my daughter’s bedroom window. The Devil’s mother would then stand on the chair and speak with my daughter until she woke up, trying to entice her to open her bedroom window.

Are you ready to help break the cycle of domestic violence?

For every book and course you purchase for a woman living in domestic violence, Mel will donate 20% on a rotating monthly basis to help the organisations working with domestic violence suffers, commencing with White Ribbon.

Melanie Survivor is an exciting truthful, authentic author. She is a relationship expert however she feels her true expertise has come from working with families, couples, singles and children from all walks of life with their relationship issues. She exudes real empathy as she has walked difficult paths in her own life experiences. She broke the cycle of abuse within herself, and so changed the lives of herself and her children.

She survived domestic violence with the father of her first child. After a long period of time, she met and married another man whom her daughter loved as if her own father, only to find out he was an emotional abuser and a gambler. She had another child to this man, and later faced the devastation of her eldest child running away from home. The turmoil inside feeling like a failure again, she tried in vain to make this relationship work, however she had learned to love herself and knew she and her girls deserved better, so she experienced the pain of divorce.

Mel never gave up, knowing in her heart she deserved unconditional love and that good men still existed. She broke the cycle within herself, and so changed the lives of herself and her children. Mel is living proof that happiness is real, living now with the love of her life, her third husband and shares her heart and soul with her daughters, four step sons and four grandchildren.

Mel understands it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you must love yourself, build your self-worth, self-confidence and self-respect, clean up your emotional backyard and learn what your relationship requirements are, before you will find and live in an amazing relationship.


Mel gives 20% of all earnings to charity organisations relating to that service.

You always have a choice and she chose never to give up.

This book also shares stories of survivors, their journey of being drawn into abuse, then breaking the cycle and how their lives changed once they acknowledged and finally found the courage to leave their abuser.

There is a quiz to help you become aware if you or someone you know is living in domestic violence, tools to help you leave safely and organisations that can help.

Mel’s passion and empathy to help others has led to her creating products and services to help you traverse through your relationship issues, by providing you with tools to lead a loving, honest, relationship. These are the same tools and questions she knows would have made her journey a lot easier.

Mel has tailored services to help you wherever you find yourself in your relationship journey.

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